Post Christmas Depression and What I Got for Christmas 2016

So just like that Christmas is over…. I’M SO UPSET! Now if you even bring up Christmas people are like, “My Christmas tree is already down I’m done with is holiday.” I’m still Excited!!!! I prepared for so long just for this exact date. I spent so much time and effort into gifts… and it’s all over. At least the movies still play because those are my favorite; Elf, The Grinch, and even the Hallmark channel are the best things on TV around Christmas! So anyone out there upset about Christmas being over, just know I feel your pain. By now you’ve read the title and said, well now it’s time for a bragging session, but tbh I just like to see other peoples gifts to have ideas for my birthday and next Christmas! So i have decided to help you guys out with a What I Got For Christmas 2016.


Canon Rebel T5i


So this was my one big gift. In my family we usually have one big gift a couple small gifts. I have wanted a camera for so long so I can take amazing pictures and maybe start Youtube! I definitely recommend this camera and can’t wait to use it.


Nike Rally Hoodie


I am in love with this hoodie! This hoodie has a high neck to keep you warm but also is just super adorable! I loved this so much.


VS PINK Plush Robe


This is probably the most comfortable thing I have ever worn in my life! I would 100000% recommend buying this for yourself.


Breast Stroke Long Sleeve


As a swimmer I wanted this so badly! They are cute and comfortable and help you show your sport without having to go out in a competitive suit😂.


Fuzzy Socks


These were’t the exact socks but I MEAN COME ON WHO WOULDN’T WANT FUZZY SOCKS!


Oval Makeup Brushes


Yes it happened! Obviously I didn’t ask for the $1,000 brushes… We found $40 ones that looked just as great! I think they hype up the so called “real” ones too much when you can just find cheaper ones on amazing that get the job done.


10 Foot Charger


This is one of the most useful things I have ever owned. I have to outlets near me in my room when I got to sleep so this helps sooooo much!


Lastly, MK Wallet


I am pretty sure I found the right picture but here it is! I desperately needed a wallet so this helped me a lot.


Alright guys thats basically it, all the other stuff was little makeup items and gift cards, I hope you all enjoy your Holidays!






Gift Ideas

Ahh Christmas, my favorite time of year. Time for family and friends to come together…..and GIFTS! I personally love to give gifts. The look on peoples faces when they receive a gift really makes me happy. So here are some tips on what to get people for the Holidays!


1. Listen

Ok so I’m guessing this was obvious but when you really listen to what people say you can pick up on little things, like for my mom. I got her a face wash she has been raving about. My mom will never buy herself anything so I put it on a list for her. Another time we were out and about buying things for my brother; she mentioned how she loves Stan Smiths from Adidas. She used to wear them as a kid, so my brother and I chipped in to get them. I can’t wait to see her face!

2. What they Need

A must have a need are two different things that can sometimes cross paths. You WANT that new lipstick but you NEED face cream for your dry skin. Try picking up on their needs and what will really help them. Like my Best Friend Hannah. She has started accutane recently for her acne so her skin has been really dry. I got her the First Aid Beauty Winter Cream set so that she wouldn’t die of dry skin! I also threw in a highlighter to reach out to her Must Have side with makeup.

3. Here’s a List!

So I’ve compiled a list of things that can be universal for many friends and family

  • Blanket
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Makeup of their choice
  • Jewlery
  • Winter Accessories (scarves)
  • Perfume
  • Bath and Body works
  • Candles

I personally love to search Pinterest for DIY gifts. If you check out my Pinterest link I have a board of DIY gifts for anyone.


Thanks for reading and I’ll try harder next time to post more often


– SophiasSelection



Hello everyone, it’s Sophia. This topic is not beauty or anything but I just wanted to say, DONT PROCRASTINATE! I had a great blog idea and I typed it half way through but then it was a little while later when I realized it was no longer relevant and couldn’t be posted. Procrastination is stressful and isn’t the best thing to do. From experience, don’t procrastinate. Btw I will be posting tomorrow with an actual post that is useful😂.

First Day at My First Job

Hello everyone! SophiasSelection here! I wanted to share my first working experience with you guys. So as I decided money doesn’t grow on trees and makeup isn’t getting any cheaper…. I got a job. Now the thought of working was horrifying at first, especially because I chose lifeguarding. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I had prepared for this day for 3 months, I was certified and ready for action. Of course I didn’t know anyone but thats ok, you make friends. I walked into the facility in a complete panic. I clocked in and found that manager (weirdly she didn’t tell me her name). I was explained the rules and then thrown out onto the deck! Th children laughed and played as I sat there trembling in my chair watching everyone oh so closely. Of course the one kid who never listens had to be there while I was working so my anxiety maxed out.

On my first break I had taken my lunch and talked with the manager. She was surprisingly super nice. I went back out and it happened all over again. From nasty kids to even nasty parents it was a pretty eventful day. A clean up I made sure I did was I needed and survived. It wasn’t that bad. I mean I was thinking i would have to save someone but I’m happy everyone was safe. I mean $9.25 an hour is pretty good so the day was worth it. To anyone who is getting a job or is even becoming a lifeguard, don’t freakout, its not as bad as it seems, I should know, I mean I’m a ball of nerves. I was surprised I made it through the whole day.

Talk to you guys soon!


– SophiasSelection

Amazing Makeup Brands!

Hello again! It’s SophiasSelection! Thanks to one of my friends, I have  found some AMAZING brands for makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes. So I have compiled a list of brands you guys will love!

The first brand I think is under appreciated is Colour pop. This brand of makeup sells AMAZING eyeshadow shades and beautiful lipstick colors. They also sell eyebrow makeup as well.  Their eyeshadows are VERY pigmented and they have a variety of colors to pick  from! They single eyeshadow pigments are around $5.00 so they won’t empty your pockets.

Another brand that you need to check out is Shanycosmetics. They not only have great eyeshadow palettes, but their makeup brushes are beautiful. They are soft and help your makeup glide on really easily. They have many different types of brush sets, they even have a sale where one of them is worth $10.00!

These two brands have amazing makeup but not a lot of people know about them. I hope this opens your eyes to other brands. Let me know what you want me to post next

– SophiasSelection


Makeup Products That Won’t Empty Your Pockets!

Us makeup lovers know that makeup is not cheap in this day and age. Now not all great makeup has to expensive!  Here are some of my favorite inexpensive makeup products that are affordable and are great quality.


First there is Stay Matte Powder from RIMMEL


This powder can be used to keep that foundation and concealer in place. I especially love this powder because you can get this at most drug stores for around $5. I use this after foundation and it keeps my face nice and matte. Oily face is no longer a problem when wearing this powder.


Next  The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray



I cannot live without this setting spray! The L’Oreal setting spray is amazing at keeping that makeup on from morning to night! You can get this from many drug stores for around $14. While doing your makeup you CAN’T be without this product! I pesonally have used this before a sweet sixteen and even after the whole party my makeup looked amazing.


Lastly  The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, Brightener


By far my favorite concealer I’ve ever used. This concealer has really great coverage and doesn’t crease easily. I use then when I bake my face and my face looks flawless. Again you can find this at many drug stores for around $7 or $8.


Thank You for reading my blog! If there are any good drug store products you guys know about feel free to comment them down below. See you soon!


~ SophiasSelection